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Company Capabilities

Zeta’s experience base includes the design, development, and fabrication of laboratory and industrial instrumentation and control systems using PC-based test, measurement, and control electronics. In addition, Zeta has designed and produced computer vision-based, high-speed part identification and sorting systems. The instruments are typically controlled through the PC’s ISA and PCI buses or through IEEE488, RS232, or RS485 external bus systems.

Zeta’s staff includes senior level electronic system designers, software system designers, and mechanical design personnel with extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and aerospace design. Zeta’s designers hold numerous patents for both industrial and aerospace components and systems. The resumes of key personnel can be provided if desired.

Zeta typically programs instruments in Microsoft Visual C++; however, for less complicated or for non-speed-critical applications, a graphical programming language such as LabView or HP VEE Lab can be employed.

In addition to the traditional electronic and laboratory equipment, Zeta also maintains a full-capability machine shop to facilitate prototyping and quick-turn-around projects, including custom test equipment. Zeta's automated product testers offer the highest quality and greatest precision for testing of industrial equipment of all types.

Zeta designs and fabricates a wide array of custom test equipment including automated testers, electrical testers, product testers, end of line testers, production testers, and function test equipment. Instruments typically controlled and monitored by Zeta’s systems include programmable AC and DC power supplies, digital multimeters, RCL meters, high-speed analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, frequency synthesizers, digital I/O (bit level) cards, video frame grabbers, high pot testers, pressure regulators, precision pressure calibrators, pneumatic leak detection systems, flow meters, pressure transducers, load cells, and motion control systems.

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