Tester Examples

Air Control Valve Testers with 1.2 Million Parts/Year thru-put (GM Vehicles)
Active Resistor Trimmer for Surface Mount & Thick Film Resistors (Black & Decker)
Functional Testers for numerous Power Tool Controls (DeWalt, Milwaukee)
Functional Testers for numerous Gas Ignition Controllers (Lennox)
Development Laboratory Testers for Speed Controllers (Eaton)
Switch Life-Cycle Test Monitor & Control (Eaton)
High-Current Programmable Load Banks (Eaton)
Automotive Light Dimmer Functional Testers (Ford)
Automotive Intermittent Wiper Control Testers (Ford)
Ignition Spark Voltage & Current Testers (Lennox)
Thermostat Testers & Calibrators (Lennox)
Thermostat Test Chambers (NEMA Standard)
High-Current Switch Testers (UL Certi

Instruments typically controlled and monitored by Zeta’s systems include programmable AC and DC power supplies, digital multimeters, RCL meters, high-speed analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, frequency synthesizers, digital I/O (bit level) cards, video frame grabbers, high pot testers, pressure regulators, precision pressure calibrators, pneumatic leak detection systems, flow meters, pressure transducers, load cells, and motion control systems.

Parameters Measured & Tests Typically Performed in the Production Environment:

Microprocessor Functionality
Mass Flow Rates
Seal Leakage Rates (<0.01 SCCS)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy
RMS Measurements of Non-Sinusoidal Wave Shapes (High Speed)
Hipot Insulation Tests
Surge Current Stress Tests
Valve (& Relay) Pull-in Tests
Manufacturing-Defects Testers (Electronic Component Verification)
Wave-Shape Verification
LCD Functionality & Contrast (vision system)
LED Functionality & Color (vision system)
Control Actuation Force
& Smoothness

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